Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Google Strikes Again...

Links, Links, Links....

Here are some recent blog posts on links you MUST read from Web Pro News

Google Admits Link Mistake, Probably Won’t Help Webmaster Link Hysteria

"But there are bigger problems still with people not linking. For one, credit is often not going to be given when due. Traffic to an original source is not going to happen. Readers are going to be deprived of additional, helpful and contextual information.

From Google’s perspective, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for sites not to link to one another appropriately, because as far as we know, PageRank still carries weight in Google’s organic rankings. That said, Google does appear to be doing everything it possibly can to not have to point users to other websites.

There have been numerous reports of Google increasingly showing more of its own stuff and less organic results on more and more SERPs. Hell, I even see Google displaying a Google+ link for an article I’ve written rather than the article page itself on SERPs. You know, I wrote an article, then shared it on Google+, and Google decides to show the Google+ link rather than the real link. This happens fairly often, actually."
Google Has Made People Afraid To Link

Fear Of Google Ironically Has People Considering Making Natural Links Unnatural

Links Are The Web’s Building Blocks, And Fear Of Google Has Them Crumbling

What do you think?


  1. If they keep going this way, they'll eventually make having a website pretty obsolete

  2. Again, I think they really don't know how to tell for sure what links are legit and what links are aren't most times, so they continue to use their scare tactics hoping that people will out themselves. The fact that they included a link from one of their own properties (DMOZ) as a link they took issue with, obviously shows that they don't have this way of determining legit links figured out yet - and probably never will.

  3. Well, whether or not Google will ever be able to tell if a link is legit or not probably doesn't matter as they'll always have some type of scare tactic up their sleeve, even if it's for something else.