Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Collection of Funny 4th of July Images

Happy Independence Day 'Merica! 

Some eCards to celebrate:

Hopefully you get to see some fireworks! 

But.... Don't party too hard ;-)

And stay classy....

From all of us at Team Eminent SEO, Happy 4th!


  1. Nice! I am certainly one who will celebrate America by drinking beer and playing with explosives! Flame on!

    Also, the proof of citizenship one is perfect for AZ!

    And I totally love the bureaucracy one! So perfectly describes so many things that are American! Like, let's let the people get sick eating all of the really bad food additives and junk that are allowed to be put in food, then make them pay through the nose and jump through hoops to get better when their body shuts down! Yay for that, America!

    1. LOL, I know, right Chris! All of them made me laugh, so I had to share them all!