Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Penguin 3.0 Rolls Out

Google Penguin Meme - Eminent Think Tank

The buzz about Penguin 3.0 is leaving a lot of companies questioning what may happen to their website rankings. You could be rewarded or you could be penalized depending on your current backlink profile. In our latest we disclose how you can protect your website from being penalized from this update in our latest blog:  
How To Prevent Getting Squashed By Penguin 3.0


Monday, October 13, 2014

Is Wearable Technology an Asset or Intrusive?

Well, all the tech companies are producing it…wearable tech. But can it go too far?

I was reading an article from the NY Times that was published last week, and all I can say is, wow! These little computers are like band aids or temporary tattoos. The devices can take your temperature and even check your heart-rate. It can track your exercise and even suggest a deodorant or lotion for your body.

This technology raises many questions such as: Is there a privacy issue? Who has access to this data? What will be the next service provided by an algorithm? Your Doctor reviews your data and prescriptions are automatically ordered electronically and sent to the pharmacy . Will this cause warning alarms or even tickets for intoxication?

They are already using these to study tremors in patients with Parkinson’s and also with dermatologists to track skin hydration. Would you monitor your newborn baby? Think about all the good that can come from the metabolic data collected, or is this just another intrusion of technology?

Read the full article here: Wearable Technology That Feels Like Skin

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Google Penguin 3.0 Is Coming....Stay Tuned

Google – Penguin – EminentSEO- ThinkTank

While I am newer to SEO, I am well aware that when Google releases an algorithm update, it can cause your website traffic to decline substantially if you’re not abiding by their quality guidelines. With Penguin’s 3.0 release hanging in the looms this week, I took a deeper look to see what our desks might look like around here late this week.

It appears to be a yearlong project to rewrite the algorithm that was released a year ago. Google is trying to make webmasters and users happy. Once the new release happens we could see frequent and ongoing updates to keep the spam at bay.

If you haven’t already cleaned up the links to your site, prepare yourselves. You are already too late to avoid the bump you will get from the new penguin. Anyone can link to your site, pay attention to your site rankings and webmaster alerts.

We offer site audits to research who or what is linking to you. It is far better to act before a penalty rather than after you’ve already taken the hit.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Always A Reason For Celebration

Do you know what today is? Yes, today is a day to celebrate! 
Why? Well look at all of these “reasons” we’ve found.

Air Force Birthday
Chiropractic Founders Day
Hug A Greeting Card Writer Day
National Ceiling Fan Day
National Cheeseburger Day
National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day
National Respect Day
World Water Monitoring Day

Who needs more of a reason to appreciate your ceiling fan, with a cheeseburger in hand? Burgers at my place! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Gadgets We Miss..RIP

It started with an article about Dreamcast turning 15 years old this week.  Yeah, 15.  Feel old yet?

Do you remember how excited these, now outdated, gadget made you?  Take a look at a few of our favorite gadgets that now R.I.P.  (That P being for pieces)

If it was major you hit me on my pager.  It was so awesome. And all the secret codes you and your friends shared?! Classic.

07734 Hello
121 I need to talk to you
123 I miss you
14 Hi

Did you sit by the radio for HOURS waiting for your favorite song to come on so you could record it.  Maybe even make a special "mix tape" <<  old school playlist >>  for that special someone?  Still, to this day, nothing beats a mix tape.
Now, this next one might ruffle a few feathers.  I know there are a FEW Blackberry loyalists out there, but still using choosing to use a Blackberry's operating system is just crazy talk!  Android phones and the iPhone 4S offer so many compelling new features. We're calling it.  Outdated.  

What are some of your favorite outdated gadgets?  We'd love to take a trip down memory lane with you!